About Us

Mr.Reddy Ramakrishana & Mr. Chilukuri Viswewara Rao has started in Construction, Builder & Developer. In year 2007 they formed R.K Prime Builders and Developers Company. Company enjoys a strong presence in Rajahmundry and has made its position as one of the largest companies in the construction Industry. Over the past 8 years, we have been acknowledged for Quality, Commitments.Integrity and Timely Execution, Innovative Technology Upgradation and Brand Equity & Value addition all through for all projects. Company gives best option for Flats.

At this juncture, we once again re-dedicate ourselves to host happy communities through R.K Prime Builders & Developers at Baba Nagar, 2nd Street, A.V.A. Road, RAJAHMUNDRY.

R.K Prime Builders & Developers Group firmly believes in the philosophy of nurturing and giving back to the society it belongs to through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While we continue to build on the strength of the group and make a sustainable difference to the society, I am always farsighted about the journey and truly believe that the best of R.K Prime Builders & Developers Group is yet to come and hopeful for realizing with your association.

"At R.K Prime Builders & Developers Group, we are committed to Make Living Better"

Mr.Reddy Ramakrishana & Mr. Chilukuri Viswewara Rao

Why you should choose us

R.K Prime Builders & Developers, the home to the best homes in Rajahmundry !

The lineage that R.K Prime Builders & Developers is synonymous with & below are the facts that drive home the point :


  • One of the largest Real Estate Developers in the Rajahmundry.
  • Skilled into Providing Better Lifestyles and Facilities.
  • Follower of the mix-use & Township Development.
  • International Quality Construction Standards.
  • Working on Trust, Satisfaction & Reliability.

But more than the numbers, we take pride in the way we stitch multiple facets of owning a home. We make it a good experience by stringing our six principles: Happy Communities, Superior Living, Clear Documentation, Timely Delivery, Desirable Destinations and Secure Environment.

No wonder, R.K Prime Builders & Developers ranks as the preferred choice of intelligent homebuyers.

“Our vision is to continue to develop solutions that make “living better” be it through Construction of “World Class” Living and Working Spaces or illuminating households through generation of power or manufacturing products like quality cement to build dream homes or enriching lives through imparting quality education”.

Dreams...they are what keep us alive. And the dream close to our heart is that of owning a home. For over 30 years, R.K Prime Builders & Developers has helped realize just that, dream homes coupled with a dream lifestyle. There are other reasons why wannabe home-owners choose 'R.K Prime Builders & Developers Group'.

Every R.K Prime Builders & Developers projects:

  • Enjoys the advantage of a strategic location
  • Delights with great value appreciation over time
  • Blends both form & function
  • Personifies exquisite engineering
  • Assures timely delivery
  • Promises a rich living amidst idyllic setting
  • Adheres to the principles of vastu
  • Offers smooth & hassle-free experience
  • Is easier to access with a host of home loan options